Tweet Links and Quick Bots

I've noticed that when you tweet a link, there are a number of bots that almost immediately follow the url, without subsequently loading the page assets. As an informal test, I posted a link and took a look to see how long it took them to jump on the link. The tweet had a link, but no hashtags.

BotTime to Act on Link in Tweet
MetaURI API/2.0 +metauri.com3 seconds
Twitterbot/1.03 seconds
Someone's HTMLParser/2.0 Scraper3 seconds
TweetmemeBot/4.0; + seconds
? (nslookup failed)4 seconds
Google-HTTP-Java-Client/1.17.0-rc (gzip)4 seconds
Yahoo! Slurp; seconds
backend@getprismatic.com9 seconds
Kraken/0.1;; 24 seconds
topsy.com30 seconds
A sole HEAD curl from compute-1.amazonaws.com31 seconds
Something from 43 seconds
Something from trendmicro.com49 seconds
topsy.com97 seconds

Nothing big here, just curious to take a look at some of the quick watch-bots out there at the moment.

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