A Tool for Exploring Annual Revenue with AdSense

The other day, I came across a site that was discussing what you need in order to make $100k/year in AdSense revenue. It was simple math, as the amount can be broken up into the number of views/year and the average revenue per ad. It turns out that you need a healthy number of views to make money like this - say about 100,000/day. Again, simple math, but a surprising bit of sober reality.

It got me to thinking about making a tool that would allow the user to explore the revenue space, starting with a desired revenue per year, and breaking this up into the needed ad views per day and the RPM, or revenue-per-thousand-ad-impressions (this is a Google AdSense-ism, and I assume anyone who has taken a look at AdSense reports is familiar with it in this context).

So, I made a beta version of a little tool to do just this. It is embedded below, and is available at http://learnforeverlearn.com/adsense/.

A simple tool to explore AdSense
Available at http://learnforeverlearn.com/adsense/

It's built with d3.js and the lovely Bootstrap, along with the awesome AutoNumeric jquery plugin by Robert Knothe that seriously eases the hassle of obtaining numeric input from a user.

It should adjust itself on window resize, seemed to look ok on tablets, and I made some adjustments for iPhone/Galaxy S screen sizes (tested via Chrome's slick Device Mode/Mobile Emulation). I've checked it on an iMac with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and on an iPad, iPhone5, and a Google Nexus 7. Further, it seemed to display OK on IE10 and IE11, checked via the wonderful http://www.webpagetest.org/.

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