Building the Google Chrome Browser on an iMac

I have been looking into learning more about javascript, and had started looking at Chrome's Dev Tools.  These are great.  And overwhelming.  In trying to decipher the Heap Profile and closures, I realized that I should go ahead and try to build Chrome itself, in case it helps better understand the power of the Dev Tools.

This is what I did on an iMac to get and build Chrome:
  • get the "depot" tools from here (per
    • git clone
    • export PATH="$PATH":`pwd`/depot_tools
  • get the Chrome git repo (per
    • gclient config --git-deps
  • sync up with the source code
    • gclient sync
  • wait a while for everything to download.  Wait some more.  Go to StarBucks at Kroger.  Come back.  Go to Kroger again and get lunch.  Eat lunch. Still downloading... but finally it downloads and you can...
  • Build Chrome (per - they say you can do it with XCode, but it will bring XCode "to its knees" - and the section on using the XCode UI starts with "If you must use Xcode...".  Anyway:  
    • run this from within the (finally) downloaded src directory for chrome: 
      • GYP_DEFINES=clang=1 build/gyp_chromium
    • do the build (it took about 2 hours to build on this older machine)
      • ninja -C out/Debug chrome
  • Run Chrome
    • From the Finder, click on src/out/Debug/

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