Extreme Inbred Royalty - Charles II of Spain

Pedigree collapse in our own family tree is inevitable.

Charles II of Spain (1661-1700) was a product of it to an impressive degree.

I had seen a variety of trees showing this, but wanted to incorporate his tree into the "chronologically" family tree visualizer I've been playing with. I couldn't find a GEDCOM file that included much of his tree, so I just created a tree on Ancestry.com (using this wiki page as a reference) and exported it as a GEDCOM file.

A screenshot of his tree is below (including a link to the interactive tree if you want to view more details on it).

The Quickly Braiding Family Tree of Charles II of Spain (1661-1700)

The infertility assumed to be (at least partly) due to this inbreeding led to the downfall of the 200 year old Spanish Habsburg dynasty - he left no heirs, and the dispute over his named successor led to the War of the Spanish Succession (wikipedia).

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