StrongLoop/Loopback for Node App Gruntwork = Looks Cool

I am looking to set up a slightly more involved node app. Forced by twitter to use OAuth to allow using twitter's search api, I put together a couple of very simple node apps (such as this searchable world tweet map). It felt really nice to be using javascript throughout.

I now am looking into a slightly more involved app, where as before I'll use 3rd party logins, but also maintaining data for a user.

I will be wanting to have both a standard web site interface, and REST endpoints for mobile app interaction. I will also want to have a basic Android and iOS app that makes use of the app.

While I could do this myself, I decided to look around to see what was available to handle even more of the grunt work.

A quick search led me to StrongLoop's Loopback framework and it looks slick.

The features of StrongLoop
for simplifying node.js app development
look slick as heck

A number of things got me fairly excited about StrongLoop's Loopback framework:

A summary of Loopback and its associated modules is below (from their github site).

This has got me thinking of setting up a boilerplate app that has all the basic endpoints for user management, and has the groundwork for for iOS, Android, and web clients. Then, for a custom app you just start from there and add the extra stuff you need to quickly see if the app/idea has any traction.

No matter what I end up doing shortly, this looks really cool.

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