Overlaying a Daylight Map on a World Tweet Map

How are tweets correlated with sunlight?

To help explore this, I wanted to overlay a figure that indicates where the sun is across the world on top of the world tweet map I have been playing with. Per usual, Michael Bostock has laid the groundwork with a few lines of d3.js with his Solar Terminator example, which was very easy to incorporate into the tweetmap (screenshot below).

Another dimension for a tweetmap:
watch how tweets may depend on where it is daylight
(available at https://worldtweetmap-bflnni.rhcloud.com)

The "sunlight" shading is updated every minute.

I just implemented this a few minutes ago, and while the results are not staggeringly surprising, it is still neat to watch the tweets relative to the daylight with terms like "waking up", or "lunch", or "night".

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