Art via Javascript via Art

Recently, I came across this bizarre but beautiful animated D3.js visualization by Francois Vanderseypen at

Art via Javascript (from
If I saw this in art gallery I wouldn't blink - it would fit.  Vanderseypen put this visualization together as an example showing some of the things that D3.js can do, and it is mesmerizing to watch.  Lots of little movement on an exotic dashboard suggesting some kind of obscure, curious, and important meaning.

And this is scratching the surface.  The creative power that can be unleashed with javascript and libraries like D3.js and Three.js, coupled with advances in css and browser technology is staggering.

And it extends beyond the visual - there is a tantalizing creative, fun, and satisfying component to the code/algorithm design underpinning an evolving javascript application.

It has already been nicely mused how famous writers might have written javascript.  What would famous artists do with it?  What aspects of the javascript/programming process might be surfaced as artistic media themselves?

These are good times.

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