Update of the Vine Finder Interface

I got a designer friend to help out a little with the VineFinder project - the updated web site for this work-in-progress is here.

Definitely a less noisy interface, and a slick font for the logo - the font is Grand Hotel.  After including the Financial Times fastclick.js library to make touch more responsive, it is comfortably usable on the iPad, too.

I just don't know if there's a way to get the map in there, as cool as I think it is.  That's a different puzzle.

Earlier posts with more details on this project are at the links below:

  • http://www.nowherenearithaca.com/2013/02/thoughts-on-rule-of-thirds-applied-to.html
  • http://www.nowherenearithaca.com/2013/02/vine-finder-update-of-us-twittervine.html

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