The first Mac/XCode Keyboard Shortcuts I Needed

Last Sunday, I bought an iMac so that I can begin to do iOS programming in addition to Android.  I am fairly comfortable with programming Android, and accustomed to lots of shortcuts in Eclipse I don't even realize I am using any more.  It's been a while since I used a Mac for anything.

The following is a living list of the keyboard short-cuts as I look them up in this little journey.  Note that "Xcode" = Xcode 4.3.

  • Page up/down in a window: Fn-Up/Down
  • Right click: Ctrl-click 
  • Switch between header and implementation file (XCode): Ctrl-⌘ Up/Down 
  • Build and run (XCode): ⌘-R 
  • Add breakpoint at line (XCode): ⌘-\ 
  • Open quickly (XCode): Up-⌘-O
  • Navigate back/forward in history of files edited (XCode): Ctrl-⌘-Left/Right
  • Move word left/right: Option-Left/Right
  • Indent/Unindent block of code: ⌘-], ⌘-[ 

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