Beginning Experiments with Motion for Visualizing Emoji Use in Tweets

Beginning (and Messy!) Experiment
with Motion for Visually Digesting
Emoji Twitter Activity
Using Box2DWeb

Previous "Spiral View" of Similar Activity

I have been playing with different ways to visualize emoji use in tweets, using emojitracker's streaming api (by Matthew Roth) to get the live counts for about 900 emoji.

The visualization is at It currently definitely requires a larger screen, and more cpu power than a mobile device is going to have.

EmojiViz - Experiments with Visualization of Real-time Emoji Twitter Trends

I am currently playing with visualizing tweet activity of emojis. The first steps involved hooking into Matthew Rothenberg's emojitracker streaming api, which itself is based on the twitter streaming api.

This first draft experimental viz (not yet tweaked for small screens) is available at

Twitter Streaming Api and the Chatter of Life

photo via flickr by Randen Pederson, CC

I've been meaning to play with the twitter streaming api. There are so many ways to explore applications of it.

With node.js, there are a ton of available modules that make it very simple to put together an app that uses the streaming api.

So, last night and this afternoon I finally started putting together some pieces, tweaking on features of a budding app. For what I do not know - I am just seeing what might naturally arise.

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